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Transforming Brownfields to Brightfields – The Inventive National Initiative!

Redeveloping the brownfields to brightfields using solar energy is a creative national program initiated by the US Department of Energy. The Department of Energy (DOE) refers “brightfields” as to the transformation of polluted sites into a fine and ready to use land by incorporating solar energy systems. The photovoltaic arrays should be sited on the brownfield area and that will slash down the clean up cost. DOE also explicates that brightfield is a novel concept that addresses the three major issues urban revitalization, toxic waste cleanup and climate change. DOE believes that this act will generate high-tech jobs and also control the green house gas emissions.

Solar America Cities. Source : www.solaramericacommunities.energy.gov/solaramericacities

Chicago was the first to create a mighty urban solar plant in the ruins of a brownfield site. Around 10MW of energy is produced from 32,000 photovoltaic panels. DOE embarked this initiative in California, Virginia, New York and Connecticut. In 2007, it  also appointed 25 cities of America as Solar America Cities. DOE provided practical and financial support for these cities to maximize solar energy use. Philadelphia was successful in receiving Solar America Cities grant. New York organized the SPEED, which facilitates users to analyze environmental and other data on properties in New York city. In 2010, National Grid, an utility company coupled with Rivermoor Energy, a development and investment company built a 1 megawatt solar array at old industrial site in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Many cities are now attempting to revamp the brownfields to brightfilelds.

Solar Project in Massachusetts. Source: www.cleantechnica.com

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