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The “Festival of Speed” : Baltimore Grand Prix – Its Benefits and Drawbacks

The charm city’s most anticipated “Festival of Speed”, the Grand Prix event will take place this labor day weekend. It is by common consent an extravagant race happening in the down town, Baltimore, that will benefit the city. However, it will also have grave repercussions for the neighborhoods and the people with regards to transportation, environment and health issues. As indicated in the Baltimore Sun, september 2011 issue, spokeswoman Keiana Page predicts that 100,000 people are expected to attend the event. This will spur the night stays in the hotels, small businesses and local restaurants. The Economic Impact Report, Baltimore Racing Development, LLC reveals that the yearly benefits of the event will be over $70,000,000 into the local economy, over $6,000,000 in direct tax revenues, 400 new full time jobs and 58,000 hotel room nights. The Grand Prix is expected to produce $6.1 million yearly in tax revenue to the city.   Mayor Rawlings- Blake has signed for a five year agreement for the race.

Baltimore Grand Prix, Sept 2011. Source: www.wbaltv.com

On the downside, neighborhoods will be affected by the air and noise pollution. It is an undeniable fact that the air quality of the area will be affected due to the race. The Baltimore Sun also points out that an Indianapolis Star analysis of the environmental footprint of the Indy 500 estimated that the race which attracts 100,000 visitors will generate 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Transit and traffic routes are another major concern. Downtown traffic will be a chaos as many streets will be closed from today night in planning for the race. Anyhow the Grand Prix will definitely lure a lot of visitors to downtown, Baltimore.

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